Ilguiz (eel ghEEz) Latypov (ghee) wrote,
Ilguiz (eel ghEEz) Latypov

Peter Pomerantsev expressed the essence of what I remember and sometimes see in the Russian television. He summarized his experience working with a TV production company and observing the customs of the country. The prevailing culture of the country instills expectation of humiliation and hardship into the minds of the citizens and downplays aspiration.

"Under siege from psychic spies and airborne fungi, audiences are kept in a constant state of panic."

Pomerantsev exposes Soviet era traditions of state television such as the formula of subjects in the news broadcasts and the way nation leaders hold their meetings. Growing in that environment made these traditions invisible to me.

CBC's Q aired an interview with Pomerantsev this morning,

Archived at between 1:38 and 16:00.
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