Ilguiz (eel ghEEz) Latypov (ghee) wrote,
Ilguiz (eel ghEEz) Latypov

I was always surprised with the low number of investigative journalism articles in Canadian newspapers. I don't know if there is a thin line between investigation and advocacy. The [[Advocacy journalism]] article reflects on ethics and objectivity and whether journalists have to remain neutral.

Recently, the Ontario Court of Appeal allowed journalists to make honest mistakes (The Record, November 19, 2007). But the article says Canadian journalists may still face the a fine or a jail term for not disclosing their sources.

If I understand correctly, RCMP searched Juliet O'Neill's house and workplace to find her source in RCMP's ranks which leaked details on false allegations against Maher Arar. The news story said the charges against the journalist could mean a 14-year jail sentence. Thanks to the democratic system, common sense prevailed in that case. However, I would like to know if people behind the false allegations and forceful deportation of Arar were identified. I would like to know the RCMP's whistle blower's motives and whether he or she was protected from persecution.
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