Ilguiz (eel ghEEz) Latypov (ghee) wrote,
Ilguiz (eel ghEEz) Latypov

Let's bring Larisa Arap to Canada

I am in search for a Canadian health centre willing to accept a visitor from abroad.

Russian human rights defender Larisa Arap has been confined to a psychiatric hospital and badly treated for months after she took part in disclosing punitive practices in the Murmansk psychiatric hospitals (Wikipedia, Larisa Arap).[1]

Yelena Vasilyeva, a colleague of Larisa, asks if a foreign hospital would be willing to assess Arap's health (evasiljeva, August 14, 2007).[2] It may be possible to let Arap out of the hospital in Apatity on receiving such invitation.

Arap has become a victim of intentional beatings. Arap said, according to Vasilyeva,

You know, Lena, these savages, 4 men [nurses], went on undressing me. They pushed me into an ice cold shower and said, "We will cure your spine, we will take you to the violent ones in the men's department"... And then they beat me... for a long time... and tied me, stretching my arms and legs aside. Do you understand, how they beat me naked? And then these scary injections...

Arap's doctors moved her to the department of violent patients. Vasilyeva says article 29, paragraph 3 of the Russian law on psychiatric care limits involuntary confinement to those who present danger, which is not the case with Arap.

Update, August 20: Arap is harmed but free, thanks to her colleagues, supporters and relatives.

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